Introduction to REFOCUS

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REFOCUS was specifically designed to address a wide range of symptoms common to organizations addressing sustainability without great success. The following are a few of the more common examples:

  • Lack of Importance: sustainability remains peripheral and outside of core strategy.
  • No Common Understanding: individuals do not share the same understanding of sustainability and subsequently pursue very different objectives.
  • Narrow Decision Making: projects adopted are driven by certain areas or priorities rather than the whole organization’s best interest. 
  • Limited Scope: physical operations and reducing related environmental impacts e.g. energy, water, waste, etc. 

While countless theories and models support the business case for sustainability, making it reality remains exceedingly difficult. Sustainability programs must be capable of driving success and facilitating dramatic organizational change. Organizations are not already equipped to recognize or demonstrate the benefits of pursuing sustainability; this requires new ways of thinking, approaches to decision making, systems, processes and more. 

REFOCUS is an innovative educational program built to address this very need. It provides a roadmap for developing a transformation program that can actually establish sustainability as a key priority.  Several factors make REFOCUS unique that are detailed through the remaining pages of this introduction.

Learn more about what REFOCUS aims to achieve in the following video: 

Currently viewing:  Refocus Home / Guidebook / Introduction to REFOCUS