About the REFOCUS Program

Learning Materials

The REFOCUS Guidebook is not simply theoretical; it is a practical and pragmatic resource designed to help participants develop and implement a sustainability program that strengthens the bottom line. Rather than a defining prescriptive solution, the Guidebook highlights where and how consideration should be given to an organization’s unique characteristics and circumstances.

The complexity involved in effectively addressing an organization’s sustainability demands dramatic organizational change. Our method has been developed based on a strong foundation of expertise in organizational transformation. For many organizations, taking quick action for incremental progress is often prioritized above building the capacity needed to take the optimal actions. In our approach, we encourage organizations to develop the foundation first. That infrastructure will help determine which actions will generate the greatest benefit and will, over time, increase the importance of sustainability to the organization.

The objective of REFOCUS is not to provide a final or inflexible solution. The intention is for the model to serve as a strong, well-designed starting point to which the shared knowledge of our community of participants can be integrated.  An open source platform for evolving the Guidebook and expanding the e-Library of Resources, makes it easy for participants to electronically submit questions, feedback and suggestions related to specific content or resources. The expertise accumulated will be thoughtfully integrated, ensuring the content reflects the best knowledge collectively available.

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