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Educational Components

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REFOCUS uses three complementary educational components to create a powerful learning experience.

  1. Certification Workshop:

Overview: a complete overview of the REFOCUS Guidebook will be delivered through our day long, Certification Workshop. The experience includes physical activities, problem solving exercises, self-assessments, case studies and more. The innovative and interactive format will provide the foundation needed to ensure participants are inspired to use the program resources available. Once certified, practitioners are given access to our exclusive learning community where the REFOCUS Guidebook and e-Library of Resources can be accessed.

Facilitation: Workshops are delivered by two experienced facilitators over a full day, to modestly sized groups of participants. Pricing varies as partners that host a workshop have the option of completely offsetting the cost of training, subsidizing it or passing the cost on to participants entirely.

Participation: if you are interested participating in an upcoming workshop or finding out how you to encourage a organization in your area to host one, please contact us to discuss.

Workshop Details:

  • Format: Workshops are delivered in-person over a full day to groups of 5-30 individuals.
  • Content: we have a set curriculum that can be customized per workshop and audience.
  • Location: we are flexible and are willing to come to a location preferred by the host.
  • Pricing: varies per workshop and more information is available upon request. Partners are welcome to completely offset the cost of training, subsidize it, or pass the cost on to participants entirely.
  1. Guidebook:

Overview: the interactive REFOCUS Guidebook provides a complete roadmap for developing a transformational sustainability program. You’ll learn about both what you need to know as well as the practical steps you should take.  

Case Studies: a candid examination of Harbourfront Centre’s experience is provided, in addition to case studies highlighting specific outcomes generated by applying REFOCUS.

The Harbourfront Centre case studies demonstrate how adopting an effective approach to building a sustainability program will create amazing and unexpected outcomes. Each provides an honest portrayal of what was learned from the successes and even more importantly the failures that Harbourfront Centre experienced.

Open Source Development: the REFOCUS Guidebook is a starting point, not an inflexible or final solution. Its open source structure makes it easy for participants to electronically submit questions, feedback and suggestions related to specific content or resources. The expertise accumulated will be thoughtfully integrated, ensuring the content reflects the best knowledge collectively available. 

  1. e-Library of Resources:

Overview: a comprehensive collection of resources valuable to sustainability champions has been compiled from a wide variety of online sources. The searchable library highlights sustainability organizations, educational materials and useful tools.

Guidebook Integration: most REFOCUS resources are cross-referenced, where applicable, throughout the Guidebook, so participants can easily find the tools they need to both advance and apply their learning.


Currently viewing:  Refocus Home / Guidebook / Introduction to REFOCUS / About the REFOCUS Program / Educational Components