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Beyond LEED Certification: The Importance Of Creating Living Buildings

This is an interview piece with Jason McClennan, the CEO of the International Living Future Institute, the organisation behind the Living Building Challenge. This is a standard that extends beyond LEED and incorporates resource management, social justice, and overall health of the building residents. 

A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making

This article provides a discussion into the role of leadership and the multiple branches of decision making that they must be involved in. The Cynefin framework was developed for such cases in order to tie in multiple angles of an issues as well as engaging in ‘complex contexts’.

A Brief History of Decision Making

This article describes the history of how the term ‘decision making’ has been eventually incorporated into scenarios that are business related. As a result, the concept has shifted the role of managers and policy making, to name a fe

Informal Networks: The Company Behind the Chart

Even though companies try getting tasks completed by delegating work in an organised manner to employees, an informal organisation and delegation of tasks contributes to the job getting done faster. This article describes how managers can understand and identify the roles within this informal network.

The Good Corporation Project Assessment Framework

The Good Corporation Project Assessment Framework is a tool that is used by organisations to evaluate how effective ethical practices are being incorporated into the project mandate and execution. It assists with elevating the standard of project management. 

Currently viewing:  Refocus Home / Resources / Program / Project Management